Introducing the team behind MICILE:

Lawrence and Naresh



Is the co-founder/Chief Technologist of MICILE. Lawrence is a life-long innovator who blends unique skills in software and electronics in creating unique and disruptive products. His passion in interfacing computers with machines – starting with his projects in building stock racing cars to leading engineering team at various organizations, including ChromoLogic – led to the spark that resulted in MICILE. Before co-founding MICILE, Lawrence studied Computer Science at UC Berkley and has been a software engineer professionally for over 20 years. He has been leading the development of applications that span the realm from desktop and mobile applications to large scale enterprise software. As a successful entrepreneur, Lawrence previously founded Flying Electron, a boutique engineering full-service firm that specialized in embedded software, circuit boards, firmware reverse engineering, and off shore contract manufacturing.



Is the co-founder/CEO of MICILE. As an inventor, parallel entrepreneur, and avid technologist, Naresh has successfully built winning product teams for numerous years. He has delivered advanced instruments to the medical, aerospace, telecommunications and research communities – ranging from Fortune 100 companies to Federal Agencies and universities. Naresh believes in ‘frugal innovation’ – where every form of capital is used creatively and minimally to generate compelling solutions to pressing practical problems. Along with co-founding MICILE, Naresh is the founder/CEO of ChromoLogic LLC ( and Covisus Inc. ( and has held multiple Technical and Leadership positions at Corning Inc., and Northrop Grumman Inc. Naresh has a B.S. (Honors) and Ph.D. in Physics from Purdue University.


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