Apple Scrolling

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Apple_Scrolling Apple_Scrolling

This is a very short app that demonstrates some simple graphics while showing the code for a scrolling screen. Use your imagination and build on this app; change the color of the sky, the flowers to rocks, or even a beach scene.

Apple Tree

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screenshot screenshot_starnight

This app is one of our favorites. Touch the screen and you will see clouds, flowers, and apples appear. Touch the Sun and it will turn to a Moonlit night. Now touch the screen and you will see stars appear in the night sky. Once you have played with the Apple Scrolling app, run this app and learn about some other features of the MICILE Tablet. This is a bit more complex; it introduces writing code for the touchscreen as well as more graphics. Make some changes to the code and see what you can build!

RGB Color Picker

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screenshot Button-RGB-Color-Picker

This is a great drawing app. You can move the sliders around to adjust the amount of red, green and blue in your pen. Next adjust the diameter of your pen. You can draw anything you like, erase the screen and start again. This app also demonstrates how to write code for the touchscreen and graphics of the MICILE Tablet.


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A two function calculator app for you to build on. Add some other functions, multiplication, division, even square root. Change the color of the calculator, or if you are up for a bigger challenge, integrate the calculator app into a shopping app. See how far you can go with this app!

Simple Car

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screenshot1 screenshot2

A great app to build on. In this simple form, just avoid the cars by moving the tablet around. See what happens when you crash into another car. You will see how to write code that uses the accelerometer to control objects on the screen. You will also learn to upload jpeg images to be used in your apps. Try adding other objects or sound to make the game more interesting.

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